As one of the principals, Tracy is a strong and experienced leader with the ability to coordinate the efforts of a diverse project team to drive Field’s projects to successful completion. His eye for detail, organization, communication and efficient problem-solving combined with exceptional motivational skills are an essential asset to all of Field’s projects.

Tracy honed his leadership skills with 14 years as a Superintendent and three years as Director of Operations before becoming a partner. He also holds a B.A. in Photojournalism. When he’s not coordinating the completion of multi-million dollar projects, Tracy enjoys spending time with his family and trains as a tri-athlete. He’s an avid cyclist and competes regularly.


  • Client Development
  • Vendor & Laborer Scheduling
  • Project Team management
  • Site and Company wide safety
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Field Operations
  • Quality Control